Standart room

Travelling alone or in the company of a relative? The Standard Room offers both single and double accommodation.

Comfortable and cosy, the room has everything you need to turn your stay into an experience.

Double bed / Twin beds

Bathroom with a shower

Cable TV

Wireless internet

Central air conditioning

Yoga mat

Stocked minibar

USB outlets

Single accommodation: : 1 double bed
Double accommodation: 1 double or 2 twin beds

The room has a private bathroom, cable TV, wireless internet, central air conditioning, yoga mat, hairdryer, stocked minibar, USB outlets.


Other rooms

Need more space? Deluxe Room is the perfect choice!

Deluxe Room

Need more space?

Max. guests: 3         Space: 25м2

Beautiful and comfortable, an equipped kitchenette and dining area.


Beautiful and comfortable, equipped kitchenette + dining area.

Max. guests: 3         Space: 33м2

Offering a fully equipped kitchen, a separate sleeping area, and a spacious balcony.

Apartment with balcony

Privacy and tranquility, perfect harmony.

Max. guests: 3         Space: 36м2